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Green Protein for Digestive Health

Our Story

What we found

For every ten adult in the world, four suffer from digestive issues. A large-scale multinational study surveying 73,000 adults across 33 countries found that more than 40% of persons worldwide have functional gastrointestinal disorders, which affect quality of life and health care use. 

We use our in-house AI tool to curate public consumer complaints and what we found is – while most common digestive problems are bloating or indigestion, various side effects occur daily, such as inflammation, brain fog, low energy, or mood dis-regulation. In United States, 63 million Americans suffer from digestive issues and side effects every day. Meanwhile, Asia-Pacific countries, including Japan and South East Asia, have also seen increases in gastrointestinal diseases by 1.5x.

Let’s change that.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Let food be thy medicine is a great approach which shows the significant role of a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease. Research shows that eating a mostly plant-based diet can keep the body free of certain diseases, reverse many diseases and aid in disease prevention.

A mostly plant-based diet consists largely nutrient-dense foods, such as vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. It provides our body with healing vitamins, minerals, particularly fiber and plant proteins which are the keys to reduce digestive problems.

In fact, everyone who has digestive issues knows that. But – not many people can strictly adopt a healthy diet to fix their own digestive problem.

Yummy Guilt-free Snack with "Green Protein"

Green Protein is our “secret” formula of prebiotic fiber and plant protein extracted from super green leaves, using Japanese high extraction technology. We named our “green protein” as AOBA, a Japanese word with the meaning of “Green leaves”. 

We use “green protein” to create AOBA Milk Tea for the Beauty, a guilt-free, yummy, indulgent milk tea that everyone should try at least one time. We also use “green protein” to produce AOBA Coffee, Self and Senses and AOBA Plant-based Snack variety such as ice-cream, nama chocolate, nut milk, and others. Our AOBA products are packed in reusable jars, which is great for our customers on the go, who want something fresh, quick and convenient, but more healthful than a granola bar or instant ramen. 

In terms of continuous development, we will offer an option of an AI-driven AOBA Self-service Kiosk for fresh foods, operating 24/7, accepts credit cards and mobile app-based payments, which is super convenient for our customers and could help our franchisees increase sales. An upcoming AOBA Loyallist program including Game, Points and NFT membership will be offered to our loyalist, ambassadors and consumers, to encourage engagements, loyalty and also wealth creation.

We are proud that – AOBA has become our Customers’ top Food choice with high value for Digestive Health.

Business Model

Secret Sauce

Our “secret sauce” to protect and sustain AOBA Natura business model.

Green Protein

Green Protein is our “secret” formula of prebiotic fiber and plant protein extracted from super green leaves, using Japanese high extraction technology. We named our “green protein” as AOBA, a Japanese word with the meaning of “Green leaves”. 

AOBA Green Protein is the key element to create special taste of “Second-to-None” of AOBA products. It boots deliciousness, preserves freshness, and do not compromise high-quality  nutrition. We use “green protein” for our special lines of AOBA Milk Tea for the Beauty, AOBA Coffee, Self and Senses, and AOBA Plant-based Snack.

AI-driven Distribution

We use our in-house AI technologies to capture consumer opinions about – what meant to be “tasty”, what digestive issues and side effects “bothering” them; what they don’t like about current products on the market; what kind of new products they want in the near term, and so on. 

Based on collected data, we analyze and identify new potential trends and develop new products to capture those, create new menu to suits customers’ wish and help with their digestive issues, boost sales or open new distribution channels.  

AOBA Natura: Milk Tea, Coffee & Snack

AOBA Natura Business Model offers four key Modules, including three main Revenue streams and a Loyalty program.

Milk tea for the Beauty

AOBA Milk Tea Module is a Retail Kiosk chain offering “one-of-a-kind” guilt-free and indulgent Milk Tea. It contains Green Protein which improves digestion and releases craving sensation. Consumers can enjoy tasty milk tea without being worried about gaining weight. 

Coffee, Self and Senses

AOBA Coffee Module offers Robusta beans and ground coffee. The products are distributed via Omni channels, and served at AOBA Kiosk chain. The Module also offer limited entertainment series to explore Self and Senses with Coffee in the Dark.

Plant-based Snack

AOBA Snack offers a variety of artisanal packed products which are full of phytonutrients and fiber to reduce inflammatory issues. Our popular snacks, nutmilk, ice-cream, nama chocolate, corn motsu-motsu, plant pâté, are yummy and healthy.

Loyallist: Game, Point, NFT

AOBA Loyallist incentivizes and rewards loyal customers with points for cash-back, games with prizes, or NFTs with utility. The new development in Web3 offers loyalists chances to earn, collect and trade AOBA digital assets. 

AOBA Milk Tea

“AOBA Milk tea for the Beauty” module includes 05 key elements.

Green Protein by
Japan High-Tech

Food is all about taste, even before nutrition and everything else. AOBA Green Protein is the key element to create special taste of “Second-to-None” of AOBA products. It boots deliciousness, preserves freshness, and maintains high-quality  nutrition.

1,000-year Ancient Shan Tea in Vietnam

Our Recipe use Shan Tuyet tea, or Shan Tea, a specialty of 1,000-year old Ancient Tea grown by ethnic people on high mountains in North West in Vietnam. Shan Tea, is highly sought-after specialty due to its scarcity, chlorophyll and high antioxidants.

Signature Menu
only in AOBA

Signature Menu with secret Recipe is loved most by our loyalist, from AOBA Original, Matcha, Genmai to Houji. Artificial flavors, coloring additives, or high-fructose syrup are banned, customers do not have bloating, but freshness and pleasant feeling.

Low Cost

Designing a right business model with smart financing strategy is the key in any venture success. AOBA is not an exception. We took a risk calculating approach to setup AOBA Kiosk with lean operations, attractive appearance but low investment.

Self-Service Kiosk

AOBA Smart Fridge, being under development, will serve as contactless Kiosk. It operates 24/7  without the need of barista or staff, accept credit cards and mobile app-based payments. It is convenient for customers and help increase sales.

AOBA Coffee

AOBA Coffee Module offers ethical and natural Robusta, Farm-to-Cup style, and limited entertainments to explore Self and Senses with Coffee.

Gia Lai Farm
with Red Basaltic Soil

Our Robusta beans are grown in Gia Lai, Central of Vietnam. The farm uses non-chemical and Japanese microbial farming technology. The farm is at 700m height from sea level with red basaltic soil which nurtures the best taste and smell of Robusta beans.

Ethical Robusta
Beans and Packs

AOBA Robusta are packed in two forms, beans and ground coffee. Our products are natural and ethically produced. Robusta products are distributed via Omni channels, and served at AOBA retail chain as an annex to Milk Tea Kiosk.

AOBA Signature
Green Latte

Signature Latte uses AOBA Green Protein to create a smooth, creamy, yet fresh and fulfilled type of drink. This is designed for those customers who not only love coffee and yummy drinks, but also want exceptional value with health benefits.

AOBA Signature
Cold Brew

Signature Cold Brew is designed for those who cannot absorb much caffein but still want to enjoy coffee in style. The coffee is brewed in Kyoto style and the float uses special Hokkaido cream, which creates exceptionally tasty balance.

AOBA Coffee,
Self & Senses

A limited entertainment event series to explore self and senses with Coffee in the Dark, guided by blind guides. This is also an effort to revitalize vacant homes with living utility, circular style, and social wellness for our loyalists.

AOBA Plant Snack

AOBA Plant Snack offers a variety of artisanal packaged products such as Sunrise Shan Tea (Green tea with chamomile), Dark Knight Tea (Black tea with hibiscus), Cashew nut, Sunrise granola, Cashew milk, Ice-cream, Ice choux cream, Nama chocolate. We also offer plant-based meat products such as Corn motsu-motsu ball, Plant pâté. And more to come.

AOBA Protein
AOBA Nut Milk
AOBA Ice-cream
AOBA ChocoMelt
AOBA Gift Box
Dark Knight Tea
Sunrise Shan Tea
Cashew Nut
Sunrise Granola
AOBA Gift Set

AOBA Loyallist

AOBA Loyallist offer our loyalists, ambassadors and frequent customers following benefits: Loyalty points for every dollar spent, Game tournaments with prizes, NFTs with membership utility, which could be exchanged as cashback or reward-based products, or even tradable as digital assets.

Loyalty Points
Game Tournaments
Utility NFTs

Our Supply Chain

F-Care Asia facilitates the supply of plant-based, natural and organic agricultural ingredients from our trusted farms and factories in Vietnam and Japan, which use microbial and non-chemical farming methodology. Processing factories maintain high reputation of ethics and environment protection. 

Meiji is the top food manufacturer in Japan. Meiji is one of our main food manufacturers who provide premium food ingredients to our portfolio startups in food industry.

Nestle is the top food manufacturer globally. Nestle has been one of our long time food manufacturers who provide quality food ingredients to our portfolio startups in food industry.

Great and Grand Holding (G&G) is the top 10 wholesaler and private label developer in the drugstore industry in Japan, with 160 food-bio-drug factories in the network. G&G has been our long time food supplier and manufacturer which provides premium Japanese food and bio ingredients for our portfolio startups in both food and biotech area.

Health Lead is one of top heath focused food and functional food brands which has been in Japan market for the last 30 years. Health Lead has been one of our long time food ingredient providers for our incubated startups.

Build and Invest with AOBA

AOBA Natura franchise model offers three types of Venture Build and Investment.

Market Developer:
City Builder

Prospective Developers have to demonstrate minimum requirements:

  1. Have the right abundant mentality of Wealth Creator.
  2. Must have Sales & Negotiation skills with Financial knowledge. Experience as Chain Operator and Real Estate is plus.
  3. Have Wealth-Creation focused mindset.

Business Owner:
Kiosk Operator

Prospective Owners have to demonstrate minimum requirements:

  1. Have the right ownership mentality of a Business Owner.
  2. Have acquired or willing to be trained and adapt to grasp adequate skills to operate a business. 
  3. Have Operational focused mindset.

Small Investor:
Fractional Owner

Prospective Investors have to demonstrate minimum requirements:

  1. Have good understanding of business operation, and risk and reward from financial perspective.
  2. Have financial understanding of fractional ownership.
  3. Have Financial focused mindset.

Current Structure

Examples of Operation Models

Adjacent Kiosk to Shops, Bookstores

Plug-in Kiosk to Supermarkets, Konbini

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