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“Food and medicine are not two different things: they are the front and back of one body.”
– Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution.

AOBA Coach with Generative AI

Designing a lean and simple business model with smart financing strategy and decentralized technology is the key in any venture successWe provide you with our AOBA Training program with Personalized Approach, Executable Strategies and Generative AI Toolset to build the business and also fundraise for capital. 

What to Prepare to Start up in F&B, CPG and DTC

We would like to partner with those who want to build their own business with profit, who have passion about healthy food and lifestyle, who have purpose to help others, something bigger than themselves. What to prepare to become an owners are:

  1. Abundant mindset of a Wealth Builder.
  2. Ownership mentality of a Business Owner.
  3. Passion of a Health Food Lover with a Savvy Lifestyle and a mission to help others.
  4. Sales skills are required, or willing to be trained and make every effort to succeed in Sales.
  5. Financial literacy is a must, or willing to learn and grasp adequate skills to be able to operate a business. 

Join our AOBA Coaching Program and Fundraise for your F&B idea?

If you have your own F&B idea but still want to take our AOBA Training & Crowdfunding Program and raise fund to launch your business?  Yes – we can support your dream. 

We provide you with our AOBA Training program with Personalized Approach, Executable Strategies and Generative AI Toolset to build the business and also fundraise for capital too. 

Please refer to Core Modules below and the current offering on AOBA Customer Acquisition & Crowdfunding module for details. 

Core Modules


  • Module 1 – Module 7: Full course – required.
  • Module 9 – Module 16: Brief roadmap – optional.
Module 1: Launch - Online Branding, Personal Marketing & Print-on-Demand
Module 2: Launch - Crowdfund for Your Business & Presales
Module 3: Launch - Business Model, F&B/CPG/DTC Formulas & Operations Training
Module 4: Launch - Offline Branding, Location Marketing, Events
Module 5: Commercialization - Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Sales Funnels
Module 6: Commercialization - Distribution System & Omni-channels (Online, Offline, Agents, Apps)
Module 7: Commercialization - After-Sales Services, Customer Review & Loyalty
Module 8: Commercialization - Continuous Monitoring, Quality Control & Cashflows
Module 9: Growth - Training-as-a-Service
Module 10: Growth - Community & Membership with Subscription
Module 11: Scale/Going Global - Lean Supply Chain & Third-party Logistics
Module 12: Scale/Going Global - Digitalization & Vertical Integration of Value Chain
Module 13: Exit - Licensing or Micro Acquisition
Module 14: Exit - Fundraising - Crowdfunding (Reg CF), Angel rounds & SAFE
Module 15: Exit - Fundraising - Venture rounds & Series fundings
Module 16: Exit - Fundraising - Private Equity (Reg D), Mini-IPO (Reg A), SPAC & IPO

AOBA Community

AOBA Community is for health, lifestyle and nutrition information. The community channel provides easy-to-remember tips and lessons within 5 minutes and under, fun gifts and games.

AOBA Community offers our loyalists, ambassadors and frequent customers following benefits: Games with Gifts, Loyalty points for every dollar spent, or for every activities that you work on, which could be exchanged as cashback or reward-based products, or tradable NFT as digital assets.

Our Gifts

Our NFT Game (coming soon)

Our NFT Game is designed to focus on interconnected economy within AOBA system. The NFT game offers two levels: 

  • In-game NFTs: characters, skin, clothes, avatars could be turned into NFTs.
  • Our customers can collect and earn NFTs via our games, challenges launched during our Program and our Community. These NFTs could be traded among individuals and stores.

Partner with us?

If you are a health food lover, who cares about healthy and positive lifestyle and also the earth, we love to work with you. 

Email us at:

Do you know?

Plant-based Food can help Reduce Carbon Emission ?
Your Lifestyle give You a better Health, and a better Earth 🙂

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